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Printable Foraging Guide

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The Foraging Companion Home Guide is a downloadable feature-laden guide for common wild and naturalised edible plants of temperate North America, and Britain and Northern Europe (there is a guide for each of those two areas, to suit your needs).

The Foraging Companion Home Guide

The pdf guide is designed for easy printing on regular letter-sized paper (though you may want to print the photo section on photo paper). You can also use the guide on your computer.

Whether you want to know about that weed in the garden or want to prepare for a potential survival situation, this guide is one of the handiest reference guides on foraging. It is designed for quick access to all the essential information you want at your fingertips, no more wading through long text to find the facts you are looking for.

This unique guide packs a lot of information into a small space:

"The key to my very own 24-7-52 food and drug store.
Thank You"

David Wynn-Jones

For whom is this guide?

"I purchased your 'Wild Cards' a few months ago and I wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic creation - after a bit of fiddling with the printer *, I got them printed and they are brilliant! "

Martin D.

* This testimonial applies to the original guide designed for double-sided printing on card.

Screen Shots

Safety page
Remedies page with part of the glossary
Plants page showing the basic entries and an extended profile entry (Bear Garlic)
Calendar page
Parts page - Roots, with general information and plant list with color-coding for plants with edible roots which are larger than thread size
Photo page

The screenshots are from the North American version.

The remedies, calendar and photo pages only feature the 50 or so profiled plants from the main list. The parts pages show lists of all plants from the main list (over 300).

What is the difference between the N. American and the UK version?

There isn't a lot of difference, as most of the plants included grow throughout most of the temperate northern hemisphere.

Common names of plants vary, so each guide is written with the appropriate names for those countries. The American guide has distribution maps, as distribution of plants can differ widely on such a large continent.

There is also a difference in paper size, so the N. American version is optimised for letter sized paper, and the European guide for A4 sized paper.

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You may share this guide as long as you do not change it or charge for it.


Download free guide for
Temperate N. America:

Download free guide for
Temperate Europe:


Download and Print Information

The file is designed for standard paper size in your region, and requires a .pdf reader. It also requires unzipping software. Most systems have both, but if yours does not, you can download a free .pdf reader from Adobe or Foxit.

Adobe Reader

Foxit Reader

Unzipping software can be purchased at Winzip, or search for free unzipping software.

You could try ExpressZip, the free unzipping software from NDH Software. I have no personal experience with it, but have had software from this company before, and had no problems with it.

Pages are not numbered. Once printed you can re-arrange the sections to your preference. Within each section the content is mostly in alphabetical order.

The top and left margin are wider and allow for binding either at the top for use in a standard binder, or at the left with custom binding (e.g. spiral binding).


The information in the guide is given in good faith, but is not complete. Consumption of plants is at the reader's own risk and discretion.

Some guidance may reduce the risk of starvation in a survival situation, but it is best to err on the safe side when other food is available.

The photographs in the guide are intended as a guide only, and should not be relied upon for identification, which should always be done with a good field guide.

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