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About Judy of the Woods

Welcome to my eco-home in Wales - Permaculture * * in action

People who like this sort of thing, will find this the sort of thing they like

Abe Lincoln

....though I suspect most people would find something of interest and use on this website, and be inspired. Whether you have projects big or small, live in the city or the sticks, there is something for you. Maybe you want to build a low-cost, eco-friendly home or workshop, get organised, or find ways to making better use of a small space .

Judy winching a bolder
If you can move it an inch you can move it a mile

It took eight hours to winch this 3 ft. boulder a few hundred yards, but it got there in the end. The other three took a little less time. Was it hard work? Not really, just a notch at a time, only boring. Read the empowerment page to see that you don't have to be built like the proverbial brick khazie to tackle a project like mine. Also, you don't need to have any special training. No one is born with knowledge, we can all acquire it, and unlike professionals, who have to be able to handle any kind of work demanded of them, you only need to learn what is relevant to your project, and you can learn as you go along. Whatever your skill level is now, you can always acquire skills you don't have, and you can probably get by with a lot less than you think.

There are few prerequisites for doing anything, one of the main ones is will. You have to want to do it. Where there is a will, there is a way is good advise. Too old? Look at what Lois Lewis did, age 72. Check out this web page and scroll about halfway down the page for a link to the story (frame set, no direct link, sorry). Even disabilities (with the exception of the most severe) need not bar you from tackling things. I have read a very inspiring story in Home Power magazine about a lady who was running a riding school, putting up fencing, a wind generator (plus the wiring) and more.

She was blind.

Jon Morrow is a very successful and well-respected internet entrepreneur. His courses sell out in no time when he launches or re-launches them. Jon runs his business with his voice, telling his computer what to do. You see, Jon has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. In plain English: he can't move from the neck down. He would have been dead many years ago, had it not been for his iron determination, his will, to live life to the fullest possible, with the help of his equally determined mother. They just pushed the barriers of what is possible. Read more about his story here and here, it is sure to inspire you.

What are your barriers? What can you do with your will.

Good old-fashioned common sense helps too, but I have known people with a short supply of that, and still attain reasonable results.

I am not a sucker for punishment, and don't really like to work harder than necessary, nor do I like to spend more than I need, and I like to do things in a sustainable way. So, the solutions on this website will often save work in the long run (or be labor saving hacks in themselves), be either free, low cost or affordable, and be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Judicious use of resources and trimming off the fat still allows a comfortable, even luxurious existence without costing the earth.

The photo at the top embodies much of my philosophy, and I hope that what you will find on this web site as it grows will give you encouragement to follow your own dreams.

* * Permaculture - Although coined from the words permanent and agriculture, permaculture is much more. It is a method of designing sustainable systems. The principles can be applied to setting up a business, a homestead, or living and working in an urban environment, and more. You can find an introduction to permaculture at wikipedia, or at the Permaculture Association website .

Caveat Emptor

The content of this site is for inspiration and information, and it is up to the reader to ascertain correctness, and above all, make sure of their's and other's safety.

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Your email address is safe with me. I don't share it in any way or form. You can also unsubscribe at any time by clicking on a link in the email.

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