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Simple Living

Downsizing, Homesteading and Off-Grid Living

The following pages show my alternative off-grid life style, the unusual location (a forest), the log cabin and house I built, how I live in a tiny space, and make the best use of what I have. I try to live as sustainable as I can, and as self-reliant as possible. There is also additional information, which helps to make a self-reliant life style easier. Most of the pages will be overhauled shortly, both in presentation and content, some content culled, and in time, loads added. If you see some wildly differing styles, you have come to a page with the old style, not a different website.

the log cabin


Learn how I built a log cabin with vertical logs and an earthship inspired house.
Includes photo gallery with description.

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wardrobe above bath on rails

Compact Living

Photo gallery of the house interior with some unusual space saving ideas.

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solar tower


An overview of the hybrid off-grid power supply which includes solar PV panels and a micro-hydro generator. These two systems perfectly complement each other through the seasons.

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hydro generator

Hydro Generator

Photo gallery and details of the Water Baby micro hydro generator and system.

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Solar Site Design

If you want to design a building or a site for optimum solar placement, or want to install a solar power system, you need to know if the sun will be shaded out by surrounding structures or trees in the winter months. In the winter you can simply look at the sun's position to see how high it is above the horizon. But what do you do if you are designing the site or want to install some panels in the summer. Will they still get the sun later in the year?

You can use the moon to find out. How?

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Judy on the loo


The main areas covered here are/will be a dry compost toilet, urine recycling, kitchen compost, paper, grey water, general refuse, and other oddments.

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Human Powered
A resource page with many links on human powered devices, including pedal generators, universal drivers, hovercraft and many more.

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