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DIY Projects - Introduction

Page created: 25 August 2006

There are practical ideas throughout the site, but here are a few tinkering ideas, projects and stuff which does not fit in well elsewhere.

Many of the DIY projects here are proof of concept creations and may be a little rough around the edges. These pages are not full instructions, but serve as inspiration and a starting point for you to adapt to your own use, though you can glean a lot from the images, and may possibly be able to copy some of the ideas here.

cold-sealed jars
Cold Vacuum Sealing

Find out how to cold vacuum-seal jars to preserve food (not just jam!) and keep things dry.Its done cheaply and uses recycled jars, very simple home-made valves and a simple, widely available hand pump.

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homemade vegetable oil lamp
Homemade Vegetable Oil Lamp

Turn a glass jar, a piece of wire or can base, some string and some old vegetable oil into a beautiful, low-cost lamp.

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hydraulic ram pump
Hydraulic Ram Pump

Rule of thumb instructions for building a low cost, low flow pump without the need for welding, and using off-the shelf material.

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ergonomic steampunk rollerbar mouse
Ergonomic Mouse

Experiments with creating a better mousing experience and combatting RSI.

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