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Foraging for Wild Food

Page created: 12 May 2009

Edible Ramson leaves and

Have you ever looked at a wild plant, and wondered if it was edible? Foraging is very popular these days, and with sharply rising food prices it is a way to supplement the diet with free goodness.

In this section you will find stories, recipes and other useful information, as well as a mobile and printable foraging guide.

The Foraging Companion Home Guide
The Foraging Companion Home Guide

This new printable guide is designed as a handy standard paper sized reference guide. It is densely packed with important facts on over 300 wild and naturalised edible plants, with more in-depth information on about 50 plants, and much more. There are two versions: one for temperate N. America and one for temperate Europe.

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Mobile Foraging Guide and Hedgerow Herbal
Mobile Foraging Companion and Hedgerow Herbal

The latest version of the mobile guide is cross-platform and free!

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Elderflower Champaign and flower
The Delectable Elder

Here you will find out how to make a gorgeous sparkling drink from the flowers, as well as a cordial for longer keeping. Learn about the many healthy qualities of the berries and what else you can do with them.

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collecting birch sap
Tree Sap

There are various ways to tap a tree for it's sap. This is a really simple one which does not require any drilling and plugging.

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March harvest
Lush Spring Greens

Find out about some of the wild bounty you can gather in spring and early summer.

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A Scalpel, a Lead Apron and Latex

The gory details of how so-called medical professionals killed a mosquito with a bazooka. There would have been a much simpler, kinder solution. Don't fall victim yourself. What am I talking about?

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