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The Green Business

Page created 15th June 2011

Tesla on a bank note - filthy lucre?
Filthy Lucre?

Be the change you wish to see!

Real change happens when people vote with their purse. Change is happening all around us.

A shift.

An awakening.

A rumbling.

The giant is waking up. That giant is you, and me, and everyone who says, enough!

We can't leave things to politicians and industry. They have screwed things up enough.

We have power.

If we take it into our own hands.

Self-determination, self-reliance.

Do you want to be part of this change?

People want green goods and services as an alternative to those things which poison us and our world. Can you provide them? They will need Old Knowledge. Are you a custodian of it? You are out there, pickling your home grown vegetables. You are tinkering in your shed, you know how to use a spanner, a hand saw. You rear your own chicken, your children, maybe even home educate them, and you are making toys for them, and your own clothes. You know how to heal with gentle medicines, and know how to make music. Yes, you. You have what will be in ever greater demand. You have knowledge, the right goods. You have a product.

The New Economy

The economy, as we know it, will not recover. It is a symptom of a deeper crisis, and things will change.

The new economy will come. How it shapes up is up to us. Self-reliance will be forced onto those who don't opt for it first. But it will become commonplace. It is unlikely to happen over night. We have time to prepare for a smoother transition. And that new world may well turn out alright. Transition currency will be skill and knowledge. It is not about gloom and doom, it is about a re-shaping of the world. That, my friend, is an opportunity.

The Accidental Green Business

A green business is not just one which provides so-called green products. It is one which provides products that make a positive difference. It is a business which makes, or aims at making a difference to the greater good of man, beast, plant and earth. It might provide a lesser evil. Maybe it allows customers to become more self-reliant. We can't realistically live without money. However, the bottom line is not an exchange token, money, but a better quality of life.

A green business is also one of human scale, of low impact. It may be the entrepreneur who works from home, getting by comfortably. She provides for herself and her family, and throws off the chains of a faceless, unaccountable corporation. She does not make a corporation richer and more powerful with her labor or her debt. Nor does she waste resources commuting.It is as much about what it isn't.

And, of course, it isn't green-wash.

Is There a Green Entrepreneur in You?

Accidental, or dyed in the wool green, if that describes you, you will find useful information here to run your business.

What you should continue to find here is as the section grows

Whatever your skill level, there will be something for you. If you are a complete greenhorn, there will be help. If you've had your toes in internet marketing for a while, you will find new nuggets of information. And if you don't have a business, you can still learn useful stuff. Check out the Simple Guide to Pixels, Resolution and DPI to learn all about, well, pixels etc.

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