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Printer Friendly Service

Post created 14th June 2011

If you sometimes print web pages you can use this very useful free online tool, Print What You Like, which helps you remove all the stuff you don't want to print, reducing the amount of ink and paper you use. It can also be used to create simplified pdf files of interesting web pages to store on your computer for reference. Yes, you could simply save a web page as is, but it is easier to read pages without all the extraneous stuff like adverts, banners and anything else not of interest.

When you sign up with the service, you can place a link they provide in your bookmarks which allows you to call up the tool. When you visit a web page you want to edit, save or print, all you do is click on the bookmark and the editor appears inside your browser next to the page. The editor allows you to save a page with one click.

Print What You Like is also useful for reading web pages which are cluttered with flashing or otherwise distracting adverts or where a page has difficult to read light text on dark background.

If you have a blog or website you could place a link to the service instead of providing printer friendly pages.

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