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Capturing Devices

Page created on: 28 April 2006, updated 10 August 2009

Pocket capturing device

One of the most important productivity aids is some form of capturing device to hold on to information and free the mind for other thoughts. Trying to remember bits of information which can easily be stored elsewhere is not the most efficient way to use the mind. It is said that the brain can only hold on to about seven items at any time. Storing data will quickly use up mental RAM.

The best capturing device is still the humble note pad, together with a pen or pencil, small enough to fit into a pocket, easy to retrieve, and quick to use. here you will find inspiration for some capturing devices which will make their use more pleasant, add some other useful features, and may even reduce waste. And can there be a more fun way to spend a rainy afternoon than with paper, scissors and glue?

This is not a set of instructions, just lots of inspiration, though you can glean a fair amount of how-to from the photos.

Pocket Jotter

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A8 leather-bound jotter with loop/wood closure

Pages of jotter

Jotter in use

An unobtrusive jotter for my back pocket

Another leather jotter, for a teenage girl

This one uses a Bulldog clip to hold the paper

Alternative hipster - paper mock-up with Bulldog clip

Alternative jotter - paper mock-up, and pico jotter

Alternative jotter - paper mock-up with binder clip

Some clip ideas for jotter

Pico - Go-Anywhere Mini Jotter

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Pico jotter being made

Sawn-off Birdie and pico jotter

On necklace - for dressy occasions

Another pico idea, paper mock-up

Paper mock-up, closed with paper pencil

More pico/pen ideas

Mock-up using binder clip to close flap

Desktop Jotter With Pencil Holder

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Corrugated card spacer and card outer

Edge covered with card

Bulldog clips retain pencil

Pencils and Pens

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Pencils, holders, erasers and pens

Old mini mechanical pencil

Empty ballpoint cartridge and paper pencil

OK, I got carried away

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