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Compact Calendar - Free Download

Page created on: 13 December 2008, updated on: 9th October 2020

Compact calendar - Monday - Sunday

Compact calendar - Sunday to Saturday

Update: October 2020

The new 2021 and 2022 calendar is now available for download. I have included downloads for two years.

There is, again, an image version which you can print in whichever way you prefer - maybe with an image next to it as a greeting card. The image is in png format, 881 x 631 pixels and was saved at 220dpi. In most word processors you should be able to resize the image to the size you want by dragging the corner handle whilst holding down the shift key to keep the proportions.

This business card sized compact calendar was inspired by Joe Lanman's at There are a few more photos of his calendars on Flickr where you can also read some background to the calendar. I don't know if he will be doing another one, but in any case, if you prefer a single week for each row, then you can download any of the several versions I created here. There is a Monday to Sunday version, the preferred British arrangement, for A4 printing, either a single calendar, or four on a page to give away or as spares. Then there is a Sunday to Saturday version, the preferred North American arrangement, for letter size printing. Both are also available for printing on 3x5 index cards, if your printer can handle them. I have not tried printing the 3x5 cards, so there is no guarantee they work. I would appreciate feedback on them from anyone who has printed the 3x5 card version. All are in .pdf format. You are free to pass them on, but please credit the source.

The calendar is 11cm x 8 cm (4 3/8" x 3 1/8") unfolded and has a faint grey outline to cut and crease if you want to fold it into a business card sized calendar. There would be space for notes on the back of the page, or inside, if folded, like for holidays. The calendar is neutral with no holidays marked. If you want to add any, here are links for public holidays in

and some of the main religious or cultural festivals and holidays in alphabetical order

Downloads for 2021 calendar (PDF and image):

Monday to Sunday:

Sunday to Saturday:

Downloads for 2022 calendar (PDF and image):

Monday to Sunday:

Sunday to Saturday:

Hoping for a peaceful year.

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